U Tubes

Our product portfolio is not limited to Stainless Steel tubes, at Arihant tubes we also manufacture ‘U’ Tubes that are used in Heat Exchanger, Condensors, Pre-Heaters & Various other equipment.

The production of ‘U’ Tubes takes place in a separate warehouse, that is adjacent to the tube mill, on Arihant premises with the finest bending equipment that is used exclusively for stainless tube bending as per drawing & specification provided by our clients. In the process bending portion & six inch leg is stress relieved by resistance heating & to avoid oxidation in ID argon gas is passed in side through the required flow rate.

All processes are strictly followed as per TEMA ‘RCB’ 2.3 & ASTM A-688.

Length : We take bespoke orders of all sizes with maximum up to 22 Meter Long.

Finishing : It can be supplied in mechanical polished with various grits like at 80, 120, 240, 320, 400, 600 grits and mirror polished.